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Products TTAC Promotes

How sure are you that the products you endorse are of top quality?

1. We only endorse the highest quality products... PERIOD.
(Only a couple of products have ever passed our quality standards)

2. They have to truly help our readers achieve their goals.
(Whether that's prevention or treatment)

3. They must help raise money for our mission.

I purchased something from a company Ty or The Truth About Cancer Series is affiliated with, how do I get a response, resolution or information for them?
While we will do our best to help you get the contact information for our affiliated companies, we cannot issue a response, represent them, or give you a resolution for any issues you may be experiencing with them. If you cannot find contact information for our affiliated companies, please contact customer support by emailing us at http://support.thetruthaboutcancer.com/submit_ticket or by calling us at (877)521-5572.